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It’s that time of year again and the North Bay Labor Council has been hard at work vetting candidates and issues for the Primary Election on June 7th.

Take Action

These are without a doubt some very strange times. I'm pretty sure none of us have lived through a pandemic like this before and we are.  

We've made it through fires, floods and now Covid-19.

We've gone ahead and reactivated the GoFundMe page we had during the fires. However, unlike the fires, when we could appeal to our brothers & sisters in other parts of the country, everyone is going through the same pains so we're just putting this out to folks to see if we can raise some more money. Hope you'll consider making a generous donation to help out our brothers and sisters who are struggling at this time. 

Thanks everyone. Here's hoping you and yours are safe and healthy and that we find our way out of this as soon as possible.

Domestic Workers are not protected by CAL-OSHA. SB 1257 will right that wrong. Please click "Take Action" and tell Senators on the Senate Labor Committee - where SB 1257 will be heard in a few days - to vote YES on this important Legislation. 

Recent News

A worker for Amy’s Kitchen has filed a formal complaint with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health asking regulators to intervene at the organic food behemoth’s Santa Rosa production plant.

The complaint was filed by Cecilia Luna Ojeda on behalf of all her co-workers at the Northpoint Parkway plant, which employs around 630 people, who cook, package, freeze and ship prepared meals prized by health-conscious consumers across the country.

EDITOR: The Press Democrat reported that the Board of Supervisors may not complete its work revising Sonoma County’s living wage law until next fall (“County workers get pay increase,” Dec. 16). The coalition of labor, faith, environmental and community-based organizations that proposed these revisions urges there be no delay.

This process has taken six years, and after three fires, a flood and a pandemic, we have all seen firsthand how inequality has deepened in the region.

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  • 68% approve of labor unions, highest since 1965
  • 90% of Democrats, 47% of Republicans approve of unions
  • Labor union membership remains steady at 9% of U.S. adults

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